Louisville’s Pro-Life Future is ONE YEAR OLD!

To Celebrate we are going to have a weekend full of Events!

August 27th at 7am- praying outside the EMW Clinic on E. Market Street

August 27th at 7pm- Pro-life movie night

August 28th at 1-4pm- cookout, social, music, food, etc. at Joe Creason Park

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Birthday Blowout- Louisville


Lifehouse’s Unity for Life Event

Louisville’s Pro-Life Future attended Lifehouse Maternity Home’s Unity for Life Event on June 9th.



Reflection of Celebration of Life

Celebration for Life 2016 by: Chelsea Shanahan (member)
 Louisville Pro-life Future (LPLF) group along with a variety of other pro life organizations gather together at the 43rd annual celebration for life banquet sponsored by Kentucky right to life. An estimate of 500 people gathered around and listened to the main speaker, Brad Mattes, president and CEO of Life Issues Institutes. The main topic for this year banquet was the impact abortion has on men.
The men become overwhelmed with guilt and/or anxiety which causes anger, addictions, depression. Mattes founded the organization Men and Abortion Network to reach out to the men who have been connected with an abortion offering them healing and hope through counseling and creating a safe environment where men feel comfortable letting go of their grief and guilt by learning how to asked and received forgiveness.
A few awards were giving out on this night; such as, The Humanitarian of the Year award, the Montgomery, Sr. Volunteer of the Year award and the Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky award.
Matte’s full speech can be found at http://krla.org/pdfs/MenAndAbortion.pdf

Donate to Our Cause

Hey Everyone! Please help support the young adult Pro-Life movement in Louisville! We are called Louisville’s PRO-LIFE FUTURE and the momentum is building. We are looking to raise a minimum of $5,000 in the coming months. This is where the funds will go:

1) Training, establishing, AND maintaining college students for life groups at UofL, Bellarmine, Spalding, etc.

2) Mimicking the success found on a college campus within the larger community (building pro-life displays, tabling and clipboarding, going door-to-door, etc.)

3) Coordinating Pro-Life Future Conferences for young adults to be inspired and mobilized throughout the community (bringing national and international pro-life speakers to Louisville for workshops and networking)

4) Collaborating with 40 Days for Life in Louisville and the Pregnancy Resource Centers to strengthen the front-lines and help men and women in crisis pregnancies.

5) Maintaining our Christian identity and strengthening that commitment. We hope to build a Future of Hope in the Pro-Life movement by shining a light in the darkness of this culture.


In Christ, for Love and Life!

John Sohl, President
Louisville’s Pro-Life Future

Unity for Life- Lifehouse Maternity Home


KY Right to Life Banquet

Several members of Louisville’s Pro-Life Future attended KY Right to Life’s annual Benefit Dinner on May 13th. Brad Matte, founder of Life Issues Institute, was the keynote speaker.

Reflection of volunteering at Lifehouse

LifeHouse by: Maria, member of Louisville’s Pro-Life Future

Just looking at the outside of LifeHouse, you couldn’t blame someone for passing it up. The unassuming nature of the place is its greatest quality. It almost looks like any other building on the block. I found myself doing a double-take when I drove up. But upon closer inspection, I could see that the white rocking chairs on the front porch and the angels in the yard told me that this was the right place.

I met Joan Smith, the owner, at the side door. She had a warm smile and a big hug at the ready. She was not shy in delegating jobs and sending paint for us to get to work. Many of the Louisville’s Pro-Life Future came to help paint two bathrooms and a bedroom. Some of the residents even stopped in to say hello and check on the exciting new colors. The women were very gracious for our help and some introduced us to their children. The hours flew by like lightning and before I knew it, a lunch of chili and crackers was ready for the eating! Joan told us about her history and the history of LifeHouse – but I won’t give away any spoilers here: come and see for yourself!!

I don’t know what I expected to see when I visited LifeHouse for the first time. I do know that what I saw exceeded my expectations. The cozy quality of the house, the friendliness of the staff and residents, and the glow of charity emanate from every nook and cranny.

I wish that everyone could experience the vision and the ministry that is run by the staff. I was only there for a few hours, but I plan to go back again to help.